“I can’t keep quiet another second. I’m abandoning myself constantly for what I think other people want.”

My heart longs to encourage women to embrace themselves as a WHOLE woman, not just the parts they think are appropriate to display in life. I hope to help women take all the broken parts of themselves and place them back together in what ultimately transforms into a masterpiece of a woman!

How we can work together

It’s an invitation from Claire’s heart to yours.


Moved to L.A, where I used that energy to continue writing my book. The reflections of my pain were hard to bear, yet I kept on going. I could not give up.


FINALLY released my book! In the wake of the release was the moment I handed over Island Healing to the new owners so I could commit fully to the path of Raw Transformation!


Brought a Healing Centre On Phillip Island, which was a wild ride. I learnt so much about myself and stepped fully into my "boss lady energy."


Found myself in the arms of Mother Bali. She taught me about the feminine fire within and tempted me to go deeper into the dark corners of my soul. 


Became a Mummy of two gorgeous girls. I was happy but still felt unfulfilled. I began writing my book, Raw Transformation.

my journey

resources, courses and more connection coming soon...

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I believe that the the external world we see before us is a reflection of the world we possess within

I also believe that life is like a game. The more you respond duly to what appears in your reality, the more you go in the right direction toward your destiny. 

I am a Mother of two beautiful girls who teach me more than I do them

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